420kWp Solar PV Installation at the SSE Arena Belfast

//420kWp Solar PV Installation at the SSE Arena Belfast
420kWp Solar PV Installation at the SSE Arena Belfast 2017-08-31T13:49:03+00:00

Project Description

Activ8 Solar Energies were entrusted by SSE Airtricity and the Oddysey Trust to deliver this 420kWp Solar PV system on the SSE Arena in Belfast.

Built across six of the buildings rooftops, this 1,448 solar panel system wasn’t your normal installation but the design and construction of the entire system was completed by Activ8 Solar
Energies with sustainability and efficiency in mind. Industry leading 290 watt panels from Suntech were mounted on an aerodynamic ESDEC mounting system. The ESDEC system significantly reduced the weight required for the ballast system, which reduced the load on the roof. From the mounting system to the 17 SMA inverters, to the individual Bloomberg Tier 1 Suntech panels, Activ8 used industry leading partners to put together a truly brilliant system for a trusted partner in SSE Airtricity.

With an expected output of 3,200 units of electricity in the worst month of the year January and production of approximately 50,000 units in each of the summer months, the SSE Arena has secured a quantifiable, sustainable and renewable form of electricity for years to come.

Almost four containers of product were brought to the roof using a crane, pallet by pallet, loaded on rafts to ensure weight dispersion on site. Timed to perfection with our installation schedule, the panel installation phase was completed in under two weeks.