Terra Spirit & Liqueurs were looking to install a large solar PV system on the companies rooftops in Baileborough, Co. Cavan. Terra Spirits & Liqueurs is a leading independent spirits and liqueur manufacturer and bottler in Ireland and the largest family owned producer of Irish Cream Liqueurs. Solar was a perfect solution for Terra given that production in the factory is during daylight hours and perfectly matches up with solar production.

“Being able to offer our clients a bespoke installation is critical to our success. For Terra, we installed a circuit to make sure that the excess generation at the weekends was diverted to their heatpumps and hot water production so that everything was ready for Monday morning production again

Ciaran Marron
Activ8 Solar Energies

With the installation of solar PV, it was important for Terra that everything would continue as normal and production would remain completely unaffected. As well as a simple installation process, it’s almost a fit and foget technology once the installation is complete.

"Activ8 were very quick to send over an engineer to complete an initial technical survey. During this survey we identified key areas and trends of Terras electricity demand and usage on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. A short time later I received a full commercial proposal from Activ8. The proposal including all factors including the applicable grants available. I was confident that Activ8 understood the specific site needs here at Terra."

— Seán McKevitt, Terra Spirits & Liqueurs

The difference a week makes

Before and after. A roof and then a roof that saves you money.

A 169kWp system helps power the factory during the week and we’ve installed a divert at the weekend that allows weekend production to control heat pumps and heat water, ready for Monday morning.

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