How Solar PV Works

Solar Panels

Our 335w panels optimally installed on your rooftop absorb the sunlight and convert it to direct current (DC electricity), which is then sent to your solar inverter.


Both our inverter and hybrid inverters convert the direct current electricty to alternating current electricty. DC power is produced from the solar panels and AC power is the power used in your home.


The electricity from the inverter goes to the fuseboard in your home and is then used throughout your home just like electricity from the grid.

Power Your Home

The AC electricity generated is distributed from your fuse board throughout your home and is used ahead of any grid electricity so that you use all of your green energy first.

Export Meter

When a feed-in tariff is introduced in Ireland, your system will be ready for export readings to read the electricity you generated and exported back to the grid.

Electricity Grid

After the electricity demand of your home has been met with your solar electricity and any excess diverted to hot water or a battery, only then will excess electricity be fed back into the grid.

Solar PV For You

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