Solar PV

There are a number of reasons why installing Solar PV makes sense. Saving money, generating your own power as well as doing your bit for the environment.

Generate Electricity

Generate your own electricity with your very own Solar PV system, locking in your own electricity prices for 25+ years.

Battery Storage

Store excess electricity with a battery add-on, allowing you to later consume the stored energy when your demand exceeds the production of your panels.

Save On Energy Bills

By generating your own electricity with an Activ8 PV system, you can expect to save up to 50% on your electricity bills.

Hot Water

An additional storage option in comparison to battery technology, is to add a Hot Water Divert to heat your cylinder with excess self-generated electricity.

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How Solar PV Works

Solar Panels

Our 335w panels optimally installed on your rooftop absorb the sunlight and convert it to direct current (DC electricity), which is then sent to your solar inverter.


Both our inverter and hybrid inverters convert the direct current electricty to alternating current electricty. DC power is produced from the solar panels and AC power is the power used in your home.


The electricity from the inverter goes to the fuseboard in your home and is then used throughout your home just like electricity from the grid.

Power Your Home

The AC electricity generated is distributed from your fuse board throughout your home and is used ahead of any grid electricity so that you use all of your green energy first.

Export Meter

When a feed-in tariff is introduced in Ireland, your system will be ready for export readings to read the electricity you generated and exported back to the grid.

Electricity Grid

After the electricity demand of your home has been met with your solar electricity and any excess diverted to hot water or a battery, only then will excess electricity be fed back into the grid.

Installing Solar PV with Activ8 Solar Energies

We have 15+ years experience and 12,000+ customers. So we have the answers.

When discussing your Solar PV system with one of our solar, we run through the grant amount relevant to your system size (Up to a max of €3,000). We have always and will continue to always give the amount of the grant off the price of your system, at the point of purchase. We then administer all grant work in Activ8 and retrospectively claim the grant back, in the months following installation.

This allows you to avail of the full grant amount up front, rather than waiting months and enduring the process alone.

This is a pilot scheme from SEAI and although we would love to have it forever, it’s impossible to say when the scheme will end or be downgraded. Therefore it is important to state that it is currently a pilot scheme and up for periodic review by the department.

To heat your hot water cylinder through your PV system, we can simply install a Hot Water Divert that will push excess electricity generated by your system into your hot water cylinder through your immersion.

When you register your details with us, we will give you a call to organise an appointment with one of our solar consultants. If you decide to go ahead with solar upon our consultants visit, a technical survey will be conducted before any installation and you’ll be consulted by our installations team on available installation dates that suit you.

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Solar PV For You

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    Solar PV System Components

    QCELLS 335w Solar Panel

    – Industry Leading output with Activ8 standard panels of 335W Q CELLS panels as standard

    – Q.ANTUM Technology Low levelised cost of electricity with higher yield per surface area, higher BOS, higher power classes and 18% more efficient than other panels

    – Engineered in Germany award-winning and certified Q CELLS solar panels bring superior performance

    QCELLS Datasheet

    Solis Inverters

    – Solis 5G string inverters come with 95%+ efficiency

    – Uninterrupted power supply with 20ms reaction

    – Five-year warranty

    Solis Datasheet

    PureDrive Battery Storage

    – The PureDrive battery is an all-in-one enclosure with a flexible and modular design with no cables inside that allows for easy install and ability to increase capacity easily.

    – Store excess electricity produced by your PV system with a PureDrive battery for later use when your PV system isn’t generating, such as night-time.

    – We offer 5kW and 10kW modular build battery setup that is VPP ready to take advantage of smart battery technology advances here in Ireland.

    PureDrive Battery Datasheet

    Eddi Hot Water Divert

    – Energy management system that diverts surplus power from your PV to a designated heating system (or two sequentially), in most cases your immersion.

    – Install an Eddi to avoid exporting excess energy back to the grid and use it to heat your water instead, allowing to make even greater savings.

    – Can cover up to 80% of your annual hot water needs, on top of savings you make on electricity.

    Eddi Datasheet

    zappi EV Car Charger

    – 7kW single-phase eco EV charger

    – Zappi allows you to charge your EV with surplus energy generated from your PV system in eco and eco+ plus mode. There is also a standard mode to charge your EV as you would with any other charger

    – Smart, dynamic EV charger

    ZAPPI Datasheet

    "The adagium 'you get what you pay for' is certainly true. I can compare my experience to that of family members and friends in Netherlands. There was no hassle whatsoever with Activ8, they promptly called back when I had queries and took their time to answer my queries, and also managed to install the system very quickly 5 weeks after signing, which I really wanted. Good feedback with documentation and warranties. Absolutely great that I did not need to do anything except sit back, and now I have the winter to check the performance. When the sun shines it is like playing with dinky toys seeing the energy coming in, and even moving on back to the energy net. Great!"

    — Ingelise Stuijts, Activ8 Customer

    The difference a day makes

    The first photo was taken at 8.30am. The second picture was taken at 1pm.

    A 9 panel Activ8 PV system, producing roughly 3,015 kWh across 1 year, offsets the equivalent amount of carbon as 2.5 acres of forest!

    Every year. For 25+ years!

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      Get Climote FOR FREE with a Heating Control Upgrade with your PV system to take full control of your heating.

      Control Heat Remotely

      Control your heating and hot water remotely on your phone, tablet or PC.

      Schedule or Boost

      As well as remotely controlling and boosting your heat at home, the easy-to-use app allows you to set schedules.

      Multi-zone Control

      Control different zones within your home, such as zoning your home into downstairs, upstairs, hot water.

      Holiday Mode

      Simply enter the length of time you are going to be away and Climote will put all schedules on hold for that period.