Installing Solar Thermal with Activ8 Solar Energies

We have 13+ years experience and 10,000+ customers. So we have the answers.

When discussing your Solar thermal system with one of our solar consultants, we run through the grant eligibility for the amount of €1,250. We have always and will continue to always give the amount of the grant off the price of your system, at the point of purchase. We then administer all grant work in Activ8 and retrospectively claim the grant back, in the months following installation.

This allows you to avail of the full grant amount up front, rather than waiting months and enduring the process alone.

Solar Thermal does not heat your radiators and it doesn’t produce electricity. It simply heats water through our panels (flat plate panels on your roof) to give you hot water in your hot water cylinder.

The installation of solar thermal is simple and we have been doing it for over 13 years!

It will be complete and producing hot water all before dinner time, in just one day.

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Solar Thermal

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